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Knowledge Valorization

Intellectual Property and Knowledge Transfer

NOVA University Lisbon has been promoting structured support for the protection of its intellectual property rights and its social and economic enhancement. To this end, it created the NOVA Impact Office which, from the Rectory, works in a network with the various Schools of the University and, in particular, with two other offices supporting intellectual property and knowledge transfer: one at the NOVA School of Science and Technology (IRIS / FCT NOVA) and another at the ITQB NOVA - Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB NOVA).

NOVA researchers, professors and students can benefit from the specialized support of these offices and personalized support at every step of the knowledge transfer chain. From the communication of promising and marketable R&D results, to the assessment and protection of intellectual property rights, through marketing and identification of opportunities with the industry and, finally, the negotiation and commercialization phase, these services are prepared to support several steps along the process. From the knowledge generated at the University, several spin-off companies have emerged. Supporting the creation of innovative emerging companies is another of the activities included in the creation of value.

The Intellectual Property Regulation establishes the main rules and procedures to be followed in the protection and enhancement of intellectual property generated within NOVA or achieved through the use of its resources. This document also highlights NOVA's strategy to support the transfer of knowledge, through a clear recognition of its inventors, creators and authors, by sharing the benefits arising from the valorization of intellectual property rights with them and their respective research groups and Schools.

The Intellectual Property and Knowledge Transfer Guide complements these Regulations, and intends to help the NOVA community navigate the concepts associated with this area at the University.


Relationship with Companies and Society

Establishing partnerships between University members and external organizations, including companies, investors, public bodies or non-profit organizations, is something NOVA values ​​and intends to leverage.

An important part of NOVA's mission involves the development of collaborative innovation agendas, based on knowledge, with industry and/or social sectors, thus contributing to the development of solutions that positively impact the economy and society.

The possibilities for collaboration are wide-ranging - placing researchers' knowledge at the service of society, developing collaborative projects with companies, providing scientific and technological services, commercializing technologies generated within NOVA or responding to challenges presented by companies and the society in general.