pixel Conference Happiness @NOVA - 31 May - join us at the Rectorate or online | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Conference Happiness @NOVA - 31 May - join us at the Rectorate or online

Conference Happiness @NOVA
31 May 2022

The Human Development Office of NOVA University Lisbon will launch the Applied Happiness Programme on the 31st May, with an inaugural conference entitled "Happiness @NOVA", given by Professor Jorge Humberto Dias, national and international expert in the field of Happiness. This initiative, pioneer in Portugal, is aimed at the whole academic community (students, faculty, and non-faculty members).

The Programme will include two projects: a post-graduate course in Happiness Manager, aimed at professionals from various areas who wish to deepen their knowledge in the area of applied happiness, and an intervention programme - People 5.0 - which will have 3 training pillars: 1) Human development; 2) Community involvement and 3) Counselling, mentoring and coaching.

Each of these projects will have a duration of 6 months and aim to equip its participants with human, relational and social skills that will allow them to combine the different social roles in a satisfying and rewarding way.

In this conference we will have the opportunity to learn about personal development tools, based on a philosophy for Happiness applied to the person through the Method - PROJECT@: A Philosophy for Happiness.

The event will take place at the Rectorate of NOVA with live streaming on NOVA's YouTube.


16h30 - Reception

17h00 - Opening session

  • Professor João Saágua: Rector of NOVA
  • Dra. Paula Machado - Administrator of SASNOVA

17h15 - Presentation of the Programme Happiness @NOVA - Prof. Edite Oliveira

17h30 - Conference: Happiness @NOVA - Prof. Jorge Humberto Dias

18h30 - Closing Session