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Summer at NOVA 2016

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Ciência Viva no Laboratório - July and August 2016
During the months of July and August, secondary school students can be part of a research group.
More information: http://www.fct.unl.pt/noticias/2016/06/ciencia-viva-na-fct-nova

Academia Quantum 2016 - 4 - 8 July 2016
Science School for pre-college students. Quantum Academia is a programme of the Physics Department of NOVA's Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia aiming to offer students from 10th, 11th and 12th grade a closer contact with the research of this department.
More information: http://eventos.fct.unl.pt/academiaquantum2016/

MATNOVA 2016 - 30 August - 3 September 2016
The Mathematics department of FCT/NOVA, with the support of the Centro de Matemática e Aplicações, will host Mathematics Summer School, MatNova2016.
More information: http://eventos.fct.unl.pt/matnova2016

Escola de Verão MathIngenious 2016 - 6 - 8 July 2016
This school is aimed at students who complete 12th grade in the academic year 2015/2016, with a special interest in Mathematics.
More information: http://eventos.fct.unl.pt/mathingenious2016

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Verão na NOVA – 27 June - 8 July 2016
For two weeks, future students can get to know the 14 bachelor degrees of Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas through dynamic activities.
More information: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/futuro-aluno/licenciaturas/verao-na-nova-1

Escola de Verão – registration from 1 June 2016
Intensive and short-term courses, between 15 to 25 hours.
More information: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/escola-de-verao/apresentacao/apresentacao

Summer School in Linguistics – 4 - 9 July 2016
More information: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/escola-doutoral/doutoramentos/linguistica-2/summer-school-and-graduate-conference

NOVA Medical School/ Faculdade de Ciências Médicas

Scientific exchanges
Research Exchange is a research project that provides medical students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the specific area of their research interest.
More information: http://aefcm.pt/intercambio-cientifico/

Clinical exchanges
The Professional Exchange programme is a full educational program offering clerkships to medical students abroad.
More information: http://aefcm.pt/erasmus/#1462987305063-f0e18472-b62f

PECLICUF allows NOVA Medical School/Faculdade de Ciências Médicas students a clinical or pre-clinical traineeship in one of the hospitals of the CUF group.
More information: https://aefcm.upstudents.pt/activities/view/52

PIATI allows students to participate in research projects in order to familiriase students with research concepts, including basic research, clinical research and translational medicine.
More information: https://aefcm.upstudents.pt/activities/view/www-aefcm-pt

Faculdade de Direito

Summer Law School – 11 - 15 July 2016
FD Students' Union challenges students to enact as if they were one of the representatives that compose the delegtions of the member States of the UN Security Council.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1042940929125236/

Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier

Estágios Ciência Viva de Verão nos laboratórios - July and August 2016
In July and August, higher education students can be a part of a research group at Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier and participate in a small scientific project.
More information: http://www.itqb.unl.pt/science-and-society/actividades/sociedade-investigacao-de-verao-2016

Summer Science @ ITQB NOVA
The first Summer School: ITQB NOVA Summer Science.
More information: http://www.itqb.unl.pt/education/summer-science

Exhibition "Um universo deslumbrante" - until 30 July 2016
This exhibition gathers a picture collection captured by the European Southern Observatory ESO telescopes over the last 50 years.
More information: http://www.itqb.unl.pt/science-and-society/actividades/sociedade-um-universo-deslumbrante

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