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Testimonials of International Students

Aarón García álvarez from Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)

  • "A rewarding year academically and personally. The experience is unforgettable at NOVA. From the receipt by the university as part of the students. A perfect opportunity to practice a new language, new places to visit and observe the cultural differences to learn from them, interspersing entertainment with academic life."

  • Arno Grüter, from FHS St.Gallen (Switzerland)

    "My semester at FCT - NOVA University was both fun and challenging. The school is very well organized and has a good handling of international students. Besides a great place to study, a modern library and world-class professors, the university also offers several occasions to meet other students and expand your network during the semester. Lisbon for itself is a very interesting city with a lot of culture and great nightlife."

  • Sandra Lewicka, from Polonia University in Częstochowa (Poland)

    "I was studying at FCSH faculty half a year on Erasmus exchange and I am very happy that I had a chance like this. The campus is quite big but you can easily find classroom without problems. The teachers were very kind to everybody and the lessons were conducted in the very interesting way, which you couldn’t be bored. I learned many interesting and totally new things like about Lisbon’s architecture, culture, or literature, what was very succulent even if I am studying at a completely different field at my home university, I am sure that I will use that knowledge again."

  • Maxence Viallon, from University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
    "As a public university, Nova SBE offers a wide variety of courses accompanied by a great quality. The Portuguese language course offered by the FCSH is very good and free of any charge, which is really enjoyable. It permits a personalized integration among local students and enables a discovery of the culture, the history, the geography and much more of Portugal."
  • Stéphanie Cristina Almeida Lima Tonini, from Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil)

    "I was very welcomed at FCT - NOVA. Besides the classes, the university has many good events to offer to the students, such as the EXPO FCT, or exposures in the library, theater plays and others. It’s was a great opportunity for me to study here and I’m very pleased I came."