pixel NOVA at the 2nd edition of the Spring School on Health Information | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

NOVA at the 2nd edition of the Spring School on Health Information

It was five intensive weeks of learning and collaboration at the European Course on Health Information, co-organised by the NOVA University Lisbon, which was opened by Cláudio Soares, NOVA's Pro-Rector for Health. 

"We all know that reliable information was one of the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least in the beginning – a lesson that we must not only remember but also pass on to the next generations of health professionals. There will be other pandemics. We don't know when," highlighted Cláudio Soares, Pro-Rector for Health at NOVA, at the start of the meeting, which ran from 7 March to 4 April. "For this," he added, "I would also say that we need holistic approaches: new medicines, new technologies, new medical practices, new emergency procedures, new training for health actors and, of course, new ways of informing the population and politicians. So that decisions are based on evidence and not on ignorance and myths. 

Under the theme "Strengthening Resilience and Preparedness for Future Crises in Europe", the event of the European network Population Health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI) – co-organized by NOVA, Gesundheit Österreich, and Sciensano – brought together experts and participants from across Europe to explore innovative topics in the field of health information. 

Coordinated by Luís Lapão of NOVA FCT, this  Spring School, formerly known as the European School on Health Information, addressed key issues ranging from the collection and analysis of health data to the implementation of evidence-based policies, artificial intelligence, data protection, and ethical considerations.

Some 20 presentations by European experts enabled the 30 participants to envision the future of health information on the continent. 

Looking ahead, the next edition, scheduled for 2025, will focus on "Designing the Future of Health Information - Promoting Smart, Data-Based Population Health Management and Policies".