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Bolsas Individuais Marie Skłodowska-Curie 2023

Data Limite para submissão de candidaturas – 13 setembro 2023

A Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA) está interessada em acolher potenciais candidatos para realizarem trabalhos de investigação nas diversas áreas cientificas cobertas pelas nossas Unidades de Investigação. É do interesse da NOVA atrair investigadores/as de elevada qualidade, para apresentação de candidaturas conjuntas às Bolsas Individuais Marie Skłodowska-Curie para a edição de 2023.

Se está interessado/a em apresentar uma candidatura no âmbito deste concurso e gostaria de ter a NOVA como sua Instituição de Acolhimento, teríamos todo o gosto que nos contactasse.

Quem Procuramos?

A NOVA está à procura de candidatos/as de elevada qualidade com formação científica dentro das áreas de investigação abordadas pelas várias Unidades de Investigação desta Universidade. Esperamos que os/as potenciais candidatos/as apresentem um histórico de investigação de excelência, sejam entusiastas, academicamente curiosos/as e detentores/as de uma mente aberta em relação às diferentes abordagens de investigação.

Aconselha-se aos candidatos/as interessados/as a estabelecer contacto por email, o mais breve possível, com os/as Investigadores/as Principais (supervisores/as) responsáveis pelos diferentes projectos apresentados para este concurso. O contacto deve ser acompanhado de uma Carta de Motivação e Curriculum Vitae detalhado.

Para informação detalhada sobre os vários projetos disponíveis nas diferentes áreas científicas, incluindo as várias Instituições de Acolhimento e os respetivos pontos de contacto, por favor consultar a tabela abaixo.

Para qualquer questão, não hesitem em contactar a Unidade de Financiamento e Estratégia Científica da NOVA (nova.research@unl.pt).

  • Por favor, consulte aqui informação sobre as várias Unidades de Investigação da NOVA;
  • Para informação adicional da Comissão Europeia sobre as Acções Marie Skłodowska-Curie, deve consultar este link.
Title Supervisor(s) Scientific Area
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | MARE-NOVA    
Tracing the consequences of sea level rise on Amazon coastal wetlands Carlos David Santos


Mapping sensitivity of soaring birds to wind energy development Carlos David Santos LIF
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | UCIBIO    
GlycoCARE: Unraveling the Role of glycans in Immunosuppression and Enhancing Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer Paula Videira LIF
SiaDIS – From the molecular basis to the future of therapeutics in Sialylation-related DISeases Paula Videira LIF
The gut-immune system crosstalk in PMM2-CDG Paula Videira LIF
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | IT NOVA    
dYnAmic resource scHeduling in Massive MIMO based NOMA with RF imperfections and EnergY hArvesting for 6G networks Rui Dinis ENG
Distributed Access Design for Cell-less Smart 6G Networks Rodolfo Oliveira ENG
Context-awareness based on Radio Sensing Rodolfo Oliveira ENG
Advanced Data Analytics Design for Future Networks  Rodolfo Oliveira ENG
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | CENIMAT i3N    
Printed two-dimensional memristors: a demand for high energy efficiency Emanuel Carlos ENG/LIF/CHE
3D self-assembly anisotropic structures from natural polymers– can they be part of the future of biomaterials? Susete N. Fernandes ENG
Engineering multifunctional magnetic scaffolds for cancer theranostics application Paula I. P. Soares ENG
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | LAVQ REQUIMTE    
Unveiling Non-Canonical Peptide Sequences in Renal Cell Carcinoma: Exploring Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets Hugo M. Santos LIF
CellDROP - Cellulosic Dynamic Responsive Membranes for Optimal Water Droplet Collection Ana Almeida ENG
Looking at the 19th century backstage connections of artists´ Colourman Winsor & Newton: History, Science & Art Vanessa Otero SOC
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | LINCS    
Super-fast pseudorandomness and applications in cryptography João Ribeiro MAT
Host Institution: FCT NOVA | CERIS    
Direct Strength design of cold-formed steel members Rodrigo Gonçalves ENG
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | CHAM    
Public Works in the former Portuguese empire during the long 19th century  Alice Santiago Faria SOC
Women intellectuals and cultural mediators in Portugal and Brazil. Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Patrícia Santos Hansen SOC
TravelconT. Crossroads of Contemporary Travel in Postcolonial Tourism Maria João Castro  SOC
The Portuguese and Hispanic Empires Beyond Decadence: Comparative/Transimperial Perspectives on Time, Agency and Reform, 18th-20th Centuries Pablo Sánchez León SOC
A Study on Aegyptiaca and Identity in Akragas Ronaldo Guilherme Gurgel Pereira    SOC
Imagination and Memory at the Intersection of Culture and Science (IMCS) Fabio Tononi SOC
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | CICS.NOVA    
The impact of the tourism cluster in the Lisbon Metropolitan Region (LMR). A sustainable development based on a mix methodology Ana Cristina Pego  SOC/ECO
Teachers’ STEM knowledge Helena Rocha SOC
Portuguese Housing Policies and Housing Market Gonçalo Antunes SOC
Transforming Food Systems Iva Pires SOC
Rights, Policy and Justice Maria João Leote de Carvalho  SOC
INTELIART | Artificial intelligence: Effects on work and employment, working as the Principal Researcher; 2022-2024 Nuno Boavida SOC
CombARTs: Art, creativity and new grammars of youth political participation in Portugal and Brazil Ricardo Campos  SOC
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | CLUNL    
Gender-inclusive language and text quality Antónia Coutinho SOC
EXPRIMI - Preliminary corpus exploitation for inclusive task-based host language teaching Raquel Amaro SOC
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | IEM    
Territories and Powers, a “Glocal” Perspective  Tiago Viúla de Faria SOC | ENV | LIF
ManJurEurIt. Manuscritos Jurídicos Europeus Itinerantes Maria Alessandra Bilotta SOC
Images, Texts and Representations Catarina Fernandes Barreira SOC
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | IFILNOVA    
The field of children’s (9-10 years old) epistemological beliefs regarding information validity and sources’ credibility Chrysi Rapanta SOC
Handling Doubt through Framing Strategies in Healthcare Controversies Maria Grazia Rossi SOC
Cinema & Politics: Philosophical Approaches  Maria Irene Aparício SOC
Film and Death Susana Viegas SOC
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | IHC    
South-South Solidarity and the National Liberation Movements from Portuguese Colonies, 1963-1975 Aurora Almada e Santos SOC
Host Institution: NOVA FCSH | CETAPS    
Transforming Assessment Mindsets: Professional development through a blended MOOC (TAM-bMOOC) Sandie Mourão SOC
Host Institution: NMS | iNOVA4Health    
Lysosome Dysfunction and cellular Senescence in atherogenesis: is there a link? Otília Vieira LIF
Extracellular vesicles are critical players in the transcellular regulation of proteostasis in Age-related Macular Degeneration Paulo Pereira LIF
Endolysosomal dysfunction in aging and Alzheimer’s disease Cláudia Guimas Almeida LIF
Shedding Light on the Molecular Mechanisms of Melanin Transfer Duarte Barral LIF
Host Institution: NMS | ToxOmics    
Development of multi-cellular type cell-models for the study of human liver disease Michel Kranendonk LIF
Host Institution: NOVA IMS    
CityMe – Mapping regions in the city from citizens perceptions Marco Painho ENG | SOC
Smart Strategic Diffusion on Networks of Related Activities Flávio Pinheiro ECO
Optimizing neural networks’ topology through evolution Mauro Castelli ENG
Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning Tiago Oliveira ENG | SOC
Intelligent interconnection of prosumers in positive energy communities with twins of things for digital energy markets Tiago Oliveira ENG | SOC
Digital Twins Enabled Indoor Air Quality Management for Healthy Living Tiago Oliveira ENG | SOC
DE-RISK the adoption of Local Flexibility Markets to unlock the safe and reliable mass deployment of Renewable Energy Systems Tiago Oliveira ENG | SOC
FARCLIMATE: Moving ForwARd to achieving CLIMATE-resilient and sustainable European regional economic systems Tiago Oliveira ENG | SOC
Marketing & Technology (Smart services): Artificial Intelligence (AI’s) Risks and Benefits for consumer health and well-being Diego Costa Pinto SOC | ECO
Host Institution: ITQB NOVA    
New glycoprotein-mimetic platforms for bacterial adhesion inhibition Pedro Mateus CHE
Host Institution: ENSP NOVA    
Environmental determinants of health – from science to policy action  Susana Viegas LIF | ENV
Multi-sectoral interventions for dual health and environmental benefit in India – heat exposure Christopher Millett LIF | ENV
Health system financing in middle income countries Christopher Millett LIF | ENV
From evidence to public policy – supporting health system stewardship and governance Inês Fronteira | Christopher Millett SOC
Multicountry health workforce cohort – Fostering knowledge to advance universal health coverage Inês Fronteira SOC | LIF
A multi-country project on health literacy development to promote health and equity by co- designing locally relevant actions Sónia Dias SOC

Oportunidades de colocação não-académica

  Supervisor(s) Scientific Area
Host Institution: Value for Health CoLAB (VOH)                                                           
Value for Health CoLAB (VOH)    Ana Rita Londral            LIF | ENG |


CHE | Chemistry
ENG | Information Science and Engineering
ENV | Environmental and Geosciences
LIF | Life Sciences
MAT | Mathematics
PHY | Physics
SOC | Social Sciences and Humanities


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