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EUTOPIA Talks debut at NOVA Cairo

25 February 2024

The NOVA campus in the Egyptian capital, the only Portuguese university campus outside the national territory, will host a series of lectures throughout 2024 with top researchers from the various partners of EUTOPIA, the alliance of European universities to which NOVA belongs.

Entitled "Bridging Continents through Scientific Dialogues", the brand new EUTOPIA Talks invite the entire EUTOPIA community to connect with the NOVA Cairo, where the latest approaches will be presented to local students.

The second session will take place on 25 February and will be entitled "Electroporation: from laboratory technique to technological platform - complexity and interdisciplinary approach" and will be chaired by Damijan Miklavcic, Full Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

A world expert in the field, Damijan Miklavcic will explain the complexity and interdisciplinary applications of this revolutionary technology. From increasing drug efficacy in cancer treatment to its potential in cardiac ablation, Miklavcic will explore how electroporation has evolved into a technology platform with profound implications across multiple fields.

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