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Teaching and Training

The Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA) allows Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s (NOVA) teaching staff to lecture abroad at an European partner Higher Education Institution (HEI).

The Staff Mobility for Training (STT) intends to support the professional development of NOVA’s teaching or non teaching staff through working/training abroad (excluding conferences) at a HEI or other European organization that might be considered professionally relevant.

Eligible participants:

STA - NOVA’s teaching staff

STT - NOVA’s teaching and/or non teaching staff

Place of activity:

The participant should undertake the mobility on any Programme country other than his/her country of origin or residence.  Switzerland is not eligible.

Activity duration

From 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel days.

STA - o período máximo financiado para cada mobilidade será de 4 dias de trabalho.

STT - O período máximo financiado para cada mobilidade será de 5 dias de trabalho/formação.

Host institution:

STA – any partner HEI that holds the ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) and has a valid Inter-Institutional Agreement with NOVA.

STT - any HEI or other organization that might be considered professionally relevant on any Programme country.

Financial support:

Travel - based on the distance between home and host institutions. This distance must be calculated through the European Commission’s official distance calculator.


Individual support - based on the mobility duration of each participant (working days).

Apoio individual

Selection criteria:

Priority will be given to first time participants and to short term mobilities.

STA – up to 4 working days

STT – up to 5 working/training days 


The schools of NOVA are responsible for the applications to Erasmus Staff Grants (KA103): Europe (deadline, selection criteria and compilation of applications). Please contact the Erasmus Office of your school.

Mobility documents:




before the mobility


after the mobility


To search for STT mobility opportunities and/or information on staff training events organized in Europe, we advise the use of the IMOTION platform. 

Please notice that it is allowed to have participants without financial support. This participants do not receive any EU financial support but fulfill all the remaining mobility criteria and can benefit from all the advantages given by Erasmus+.

Additional scholarships for participants with Special Needs:

The Erasmus + program intends to promote equality and inclusion. In this sense and in order to actively support the participation of people with special needs, this program provides complementary financial support for this type of beneficiary. A person with special needs is a person whose health, physical or mental state implies that his mobility is not possible without an additional financial support.

In these cases, the participant should fill in the Application Form below and deliver it to International Relations Office at the Rectorate. If her/his request will be accepted by the National Agency, the participant will receive an additional funding which expenses must be totally justified.

If you need any additional information regarding this kind of mobilities, please contact the International Relations Office of NOVA’s Rectorate (erasmus@unl.pt).