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EUTOPIA_HEALTH trains researchers and science managers in a workshop at NOVA 

From 9th to 11th April, the group dedicated to health in the European University Alliance, of which NOVA is a member, met at NOVA. 

Launched at the beginning of the year, EUTOPIA_HEALTH aims to improve the academic panorama in health-related fields in the so-called expanding European countries to reduce disparities in research and value creation 

In this context, and after an edition at the Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) in Romania and another at the University of Ljublijana (UL) in Slovenia, a new workshop was held at the NOVA University of Lisbon, within the framework of the i -ISO concept, which aims to train researchers who want to apply for European funding. 

Organised by NOVA's Research and Innovation Support Department, the workshop was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Value Creation, Professor Isabel Rocha, who left the participants with some words of encouragement for the participation of researchers and science managers in project activities. 

To make the training more effective, the i-ISO concept programme combines a 3-day face-to-face workshop - covering topics related to an application for Horizon Europe funding - with 3 years of dedicated and intensive support from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), NOVA's partner in WP3, the name given to the set of activities dedicated to the topic in the EUTOPIA_HEALTH project.

Led by NOVA, WP3's mission is to train researchers and science managers from institutions in the group of expanding countries - in this case, NOVA, UBB, and UL - to overcome some disparities in funding and publication in European research and innovation programmes. 

The activities planned in WP3 also include webinars on European funding, technology transfer, mobility programmes, transdisciplinary training activities and even mentoring. 

Each participating university can include 5 researchers in the programme, and two editions will be supported throughout the project to reach a total of 30 researchers. 

In the meeting that took place at NOVA, the five researchers and ten science managers who participated came from the different organic units of the University. 

EUTOPIA_HEALTH is a five-year project coordinated by the UBB and supported by all the partners of the EUTOPIA alliance of European universities.