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João Cordeiro

João Cordeiro

João Valente Cordeiro is a Health Law, Biolaw and Bioethics Researcher and Invited Professor at the National School of Public Health, NOVA University Lisbon.

He holds a Biochemistry Degree from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, a PhD in Molecular Biology/Virology from University College London and a Law Degree from Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon.

He has done biomedical research for over ten years during which he worked in five multidisciplinary research labs in three European countries. He worked with bacteria and virus models using animal systems and human cell lines and has published work in high impact top scientific journals.

During his biomedical research career he became increasingly interested in the ethical, legal and social implications of science and technology, which led him to also pursue studies in Law and Ethics.

For the last five years he has focused on the interface between Science, Technology, Law and Ethics and is actively involved in researching and teaching in the areas of Digital Health, Precision Medicine and Public Health.

He is Co-Coordinator of the Research Ethics Courses of NOVA Doctoral School.