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30 April 2024

This is what the 2nd edition of the EUTOPIA Ideas Club was like! 

This edition of the Ideas Club in Venice was a promising meeting that promoted creativity, innovation and collaboration among the participants.  

29 April 2024

30th April 1974: the day on which the NOVA University Lisbon congratulated the National Salvation Board on the "general lines of the service it intends to offer the country"

Five days after the 25th of April 1974, the Installation Committee of the NOVA University Lisbon approved the sending of a telegram to the Junta de Salvação Nacional (J.S.N.) - the Portuguese name of the so-called National Salvation Boardm congratulating it for having found in the programme adopted by this provisional governmental body "the general lines of the service it proposes to offer the country". It also points out that NOVA "sees the broadest perspectives for its action and expresses to the J.S.N. its adherence to the principles it proclaims and defends". 

29 April 2024

Applications for the Interdisciplinary Energy Research & Innovation Initiative are open until 7 June

Faculty and researchers of all Academic Units of NOVA are invited to participate.

24 April 2024

The second edition of "Research Impact Narratives" challenge is open

The initiative, open to all NOVA faculty and researchers, welcomes applications until 7 June.

24 April 2024

Register now: MSCA-PF (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships) OPEN DAY - 27 May 2024

It’s official: there will be an online session designed for future MSCA-PF candidates who are exploring the possibility of choosing NOVA and one of its Research Units as their host institution. 

24 April 2024

Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day 2024 with NOVA: watch the video! 

Dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals, this year's celebration highlights the importance of building our shared future through innovation and creativity. Learn more about NOVA's IP ecosystem 

23 April 2024

NOVA at the EUTOPIA Ideas Club of the Gothenburg International Science Festival 

  The session on how waves of historical events have a profound impact on our collective narratives was the highlight of the Gothenburg International Science Festival, on 17 April. 

22 April 2024

The winners of the 2nd edition of the ADN Awards - Acting Different at NOVA are now known

The winners were announced at the 2nd ADN Awards Gala, which took place on April 22 at NOVA University Lisbon.

18 April 2024

NOVA big in Japan 

17 April 2024

NOVA at the launch of European Youth Week in Brussels with a focus on the European elections  

Invited by UNICA network, NOVA University Lisbon attended the beginning of the meeting that takes place in Brussels until the 19th, and which aims to involve universities in a campaign to encourage young people to vote in the next elections for the European Parliament.