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Brasil Cycle at NOVA: Five Sopros - Metropolitana Soloists

14 March 2024

As part of the Brasil na NOVA cycle launched at the end of last year, this is an exceptional programme in which the Metropolitana Soloists perform a series of quintets by Portuguese and Brazilian composers from the period between 1956 and 2000.

The wind quintet brings together the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn. Like the string quartet, it was established as a chamber ensemble in the 18th century and has since been used in many different periods and cultures. As a result, it has an extraordinary repertoire, not only in terms of breadth and diversity but also in terms of quality.

Thursday 14 March, 19:00, NOVA rectory auditorium

Poster available here


Full programme

Metropolitana Soloists

Nuno Inácio (flute), Sally Dean (oboe), Nuno Silva (clarinet), Lurdes Carneiro (bassoon), Daniel Canas (horn)

Joly Braga Santos (1924-1988) - Adagio and Scherzino (1956)
[approx. duration: 6 min.]

Ronaldo Miranda (born 1948) - Serious Variations on a theme by Anacleto de Medeiros (1991)
[Approximate duration: 13 min.]

I. Theme: With expression
II. Variation I: Allegro
III. Variation II: Lyrical
IV. Variation III: Obstinate
V. Variation IV: L'istesso Tempo
SLOW. Variation V: Dreamer
VII. Variation VI: Incisor
VIII. Variation VII: Silent
IX. Variation VIII: Brilliant
X. Variation IX: In Love
XI. Variation X: Energetic

Eurico Carrapatoso (b. 1962) - Cinco Miniaturas, op. 25 (2000)
[Approx. duration: 6 min.]

I. Precision Mechanism No. 1
II. Madrigal
III. Lace
IV. Coral
V. Precision mechanism no. 2

Raphael Batista (1909-1984) - Folk Snapshots (1963)
[Approximate duration: 6 min.]

I. March around the table, or the Biruta soldier's march
II. Playing with the cat
III. Shooing the Hawk from the Backyard

As part of the existing partnership with NOVA, personal and non-transferable invitations will be made available to all NOVA teachers, students, and staff. 

Reservations must be made by 6 pm on Monday, March 11th to relacoespublicas@metropolitana.pt.   

Tickets for the general public are on sale on the Metropolitana website 

More info on the NOVA Cultura website