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French Music - Metropolitan Orchestra Concert

8 March 2024

The Rectory Auditorium opens its doors once again for a very special concert by the Metropolitan Orchestra, which will perform music by French composers, bringing sounds separated by three centuries into dialogue.

From Jean-Philippe Rameau, an inescapable figure in the history of 18th-century music, to the enigmatic opening of the opera Zaïs, to the most beautiful pages of the opera-ballet Les Indes Galantes and the operas Dardanus and Platée.

This is followed by a short orchestral suite composed by Albert Roussel in 1929, in three movements that cross dawn with perfumes of Spanish exoticism, the bucolic register of a pastoral, and the jocular atmosphere of Parisian masquerades.

Finally, another Petite Suite, this one by Claude Debussy, which brings together four short pieces originally written for four-handed piano in 1889, but transcribed for orchestra twenty years later.

The music will be conducted by Jean-Marc Burfin and/or orchestral conducting students from the Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra.


Within the framework of the existing partnership with NOVA, personal and non-transferable invitations will be made available to all NOVA teachers, students, and staff, valid for two people, provided they are duly identified. Reservations must be made by Tuesday 5 March at 18:00 at relacoespublicas@metropolitana.pt.   

Tickets for the general public available on the Metropolitana website


Full programme

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) - Inauguration of the Zaïs Opera (1748)

Jean-Philippe Rameau - Orchestral excerpts from the ballet Les Indes Galantes and the operas Platée and Dardanus

I. Danse du Grand Calumet de la Paix (Danse des Sauvages) (Les Indes galantes; 1735)

II. Tambourins I - II (Dardanus; 1739)

III. Orage (Platee; 1745)

Albert Roussel (1869-1937) - Petite Suite, Op. 39 (1929)

I. Aubade

II. Pastorale

III. Mask by

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) - Siegfried's Idyll (1870)

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) - Petite Suite, L. 65 (1886-1889; orchestral arrangement by Henri Büsser)

I. En bateau: Andantino

II. Cortege: Moderato

III. Menuet: Moderate

IV. Ballet: Allegro giusto