pixel Research Data Management Course - 8th edition | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Research Data Management Course - 8th edition


Scientific data consists of statistics, results of experiments, measurements, observations resulting from field work, research results, interviews and image recordings and these can be archived and made accessible through repositories compatible with other scientific information management systems.

Course description:

Recently, major financing entities like the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, the European Commission and the G8 have issued recommendations or mandates for the open access to research data recommending that the “scientific research data should be easily discoverable, accessible, assessable, intelligible, useable, and wherever possible interoperable”. Studies show that making data available increases citations and the researcher’s impact.

This course aims to help researchers and PhD students to better manage their research data in compliance with financing agencies guidelines, and to make data discoverable and citable.

Key Topics

Open Access and Open Science
Open Data Pilot in Horizon 2020 and FCT Policy
What is open data
Open data initiatives
Data repositories
Research Data Management plans and licensing
Interoperability between the University’s Institutional Repository, OpenAire infrastructure and Converis


PhD students at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.
PhD holders working at NOVA (Professors, researchers,...)


8th edition: 2/02 and 3/02/2018 (Fri and Sat) | 9am - 6pm | Venue: Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública| This edition will be held in Portuguese ((FULLY BOOKED)


Course Coordinator:
Fernando Bação


Antónia Correia (antonia.correia@novaims.unl.pt)

Isabel Andrade (isabel.andrade@ensp.unl.pt)

Sean Story (sstory@novasbe.pt)

Susana Lopes (susana.lopes@iscte.pt)


1 ECTS | 2 days 


Multiple choice test.


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