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Social Innovation CVTT

Social Innovation CVTT

The development of modern societies has led to the creation of large urban spaces with a high population concentration. It is estimated that by 2050, 2/3 of the world population resides in large cities. The emergence of these spaces causes high social imbalances and inequalities, namely economic, generational, cultural and in terms of opportunities. Additionally, it is also responsible for high impact on the ecological footprint.

To preserve social equality and foster the harmonious and sustainable development of societies, it is necessary to seek solutions to social problems existing in large cities, as recognized by the UN in its 11th Sustainable Development Goal, linked to the existence of “Sustainable and Inclusive Cities”.

The Social Innovation Technology Transfer and Valorization Center (CVTT in Portuguese), arises in this context. It is an innovative and unique center in Portugal, whose objectives are to develop, create and improve social structures and processes, and with the mission of contributing to the development and social harmony of the population, through the establishment of a differentiated and dynamic relationship, between the NOVA University Lisbon - institution producing social knowledge - and multiple entities from social sectors.

The Social Innovation CVTT will foster the interconnection of the various schools of NOVA, leveraging the development of new lines of action and innovation, transmission of knowledge and different interdisciplinary approaches in order to respond to multiple social problems.