pixel Research project about "Dementia in primary care" won the Bayer Research Grant|NOVAhealth Ageing 2018 | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Research project about "Dementia in primary care" won the Bayer Research Grant|NOVAhealth Ageing 2018

This grant, created in partnership with Bayer Portugal, aims to finance the research done in the area of ​​Aging.

Within the scope of its strategic platform NOVAhealth, NOVA has as a primary relevance the research in the area of ​​Aging, promoted by the group NOVAhealth Aging. So, in partnership with Bayer Portugal, L.da, the Bayer Investigation Grant | NOVAhealth Ageing 2018 was created, with a total of € 7,500.00 (seven thousand and five hundred euros). 

The award ceremony was held during the YERUN Research Workshop on Health and Aging, Digital Health and New Technologies, on June 17, and the award was delivered by Dr. Isabel Fonseca Santos, Bayer Medical Director, to Dr. Conceição Balsinha and to Professor Manuel Gonçalves Pereira, of NOVA Medical School.

The two award-winning teachers are part of a larger team, consisting of Isabel Santos, Maria J. Marques, of NOVA Medical School, Sónia Dias, Vítor Ramos and Teresa Maia, of NOVA National School of Public Health. As an international collaboration, the team also has Steve Iliffe (University College London, UK), Gabriel Ivbijaro (Waltham Forest Community & Family Health Services, UK, and NOVA Medical School).

The project that is being developed, entitled "Dementia in primary care: the patient, the carer and the doctor in the medical encounter", focuses on people with dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, facilitators of clinical communication in primary health care in Portugal.

Professor Manuel Gonçalves Pereira explains that "Primary care could play a unique role in the area of ​​dementia, in connection with Neurology and Psychiatry, for example in early diagnosis, post-diagnosis follow-up or continued support for families, this is not the reality in Portugal, nor in other countries. The person with dementia and family-caregivers (naturally involved in General and Family Medicine consultations) should be considered in interaction with the physician. clinical outcomes and service satisfaction, but there is still a lot to be done in this field. The team will use qualitative research methods to analyze real-time query records. The results will be discussed in groups of service users and health professionals, producing simple recommendations that could inspire national policies in this area. "