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NOVA with two new Bachelor Degrees in 2018/2019

Bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and in Applied Mathematics to Risk Management are the new degrees of NOVA.

NOVA lança duas novas licenciaturas

NOVA University Lisbon has two new Bachelor degrees in academic year 2018/2019. These two degrees join the academic offer of Bachelor and Integrated Master degrees that already exists in six schools of NOVA, in a total of 40 degrees to which students that have just finished High School may apply to since July 18. NOVA's academic offer includes degrees in several different areas: Science and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Management, Medicine and Nutrition, Law and Information Management and Systems

The two new Bachelor degrees, one in the area of food health and the other in the area of mathematics, seek to meet the emerging trends of the labor market and the lack of similar offer in the region. 

Bachelor in Nutrition Sciences at NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas

NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas introduces a bachelor totally focused on food and its impact on health. After being a pioneer in Portugal by including a course of Nutrition in the study plan of the Integrated Masters in Medicine ("Nutrition and Metabolism", offered in the 1st year of the degree), NMS|FCM moves forward with a bachelor in Nutrition Sciences as a way to respond to the need of education and training in this area. 

The teaching of Nutrition Sciences at NMS|FCM, which is shared with the teaching of Medicine, is focused on the acquisition of practical competences in terms of training for diagnosis and effective intervetion strategies. The degree, taught at a medical school, is led by a team of professors with more than 20 years of experience in university teaching and research. 

The degree in Nutririon Sciences is organized in four years, in a total of eight academic semesters, including an internship semester in the last year. 

Bachelor in Applied Mathematics to Risk Management at NOVA School of Science and Technology 

The Departament of Mathematics of NOVA School of Science and Technology introduces the Bachelor in Applied Mathematics to Risk Management with the purpose of meeting the new demands for professionals in management risk and to provide students a more focused training in the area of Mathematics. 

This degree stands out due to a design that meets the international recognized demands of professionals in risk analysis, combining the area of applied mathematics with concepts from economics and computing science. This degree aims to provide a swift integration in the labour market and to prepare students for further study cycles, mainly for Masters and PhD's at FCT NOVA. 

The Bachelor in Mathematics Applied to Risk Management lasts for three years, in a total of six semesters. Professional outlets include positions in areas such as banking, insurance, social security, pension fund, finance and economics. 

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In case of any questions related to the access to Higher Education, the General-Direction of Higher Education in Portugal, in collaboration with NOVA, has an Access to Higher Education Support Office (GAES) at the Rectorate during the three periods of application