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European Project MP4s: Experiencing Mindfulness & Leadership at NOVA

NOVA University Lisbon, a consortium member of the European project Mindfulness Practices for Students in Society (MP4s), recently hosted the LTT5 - Mindfulness & Leadership Training for students and staff in higher education.

The event took place at the NOVA FCSH campus from June 5th to 7th, 2023 and was a joint effort from NOVA FCT and NOVA FCSH. Participants came from diverse organic units from NOVA and included the international consortium of the project from five different European countries.

During these days, participants were privileged to attend a keynote session delivered by Dr Rui Marques, President of the UBUNTU Leader's Academy and IPAV. Additionally, invited speakers such as Helena Fernandes, Jay Wong and Inês Albergaria shared their insights on Mindfulness and Leadership through engaging pitches. Participants could then join dialogue circles with these speakers facilitated by Brenno Kaschner Russo from the Dialogue Lab. On day 2 in the morning, facilitator Cathia Ziebel (Zoiama) introduced the concept of “Leading from the emerging future”, based on Theory U. In the afternoon, certified mindfulness teachers Cristina Quadros and Angeles Quero-Gervilla led a session on mindfulness practices in nature, which took place in the serene Gulbenkian's Garden. Finally, on Day 3, the participants had the opportunity to learn from Felipe de Brito e Cunha about embodied leadership, making for a truly enriching experience.

The MP4s project is dedicated to helping students address their emotional challenges by introducing mindfulness practices and training. It fosters compassion for oneself, others, and the planet within higher education institutions, promoting non-technical skills and advocating for a just climate transition.

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