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Meet NIMSB - NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology support team

A team from NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology (NIMSB) is already working at the Rectorate of NOVA University of Lisbon and intends to strengthen the collaboration between all the institution's organic units. NIMSB wants to attract top scientists in the areas of biomedical research and precision medicine.

NIMSB, which was officially launched in October 2023, already has six employees working in the areas of project management, innovation, application support and communication.

Isabel Vitorino, Director of Technical and Administrative Services, manages and coordinates the project's administrative and technical team.

Ana Roberto, Assistant Director, will provide support to the Institute's Directors.

Miguel Santos, Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer, works in the area of technology translation and in pre-acceleration and technology acceleration programmes, to maximise NIMSB's impact in the area of innovation.

Ana Tavares, Head of the Project Management Office, is responsible for the management of projects in the areas of scientific research and technological development, ensuring support for the administrative and financial execution of funding.

Susana Pascoal, Research Funding Officer, works to raise funds to support the Institute's research and innovation activities.

Nuno Noronha, Dissemination and Communications Officer, is responsible for the Institute's public relations and works to disseminate NIMSB's initiatives to the scientific community, industry, stakeholders, and the general public.

Later this year, positions will be advertised for Group Leaders who will streamline and promote NIMSB's research areas.

These research groups will focus on the study of human biology and the development of precision medicine to find new ways to combat diseases with high mortality and morbidity.

"NIMSB will provide state-of-the-art facilities in medical systems biology. These will include cellular and molecular characterisation techniques and bioinformatics technologies with a focus on artificial intelligence," explains Susana Pascoal, NIMSB research funding officer. "This will allow us to understand the origins of diseases, as well as more precise prevention and treatment mechanisms.

NIMSB has national and European funding of 32.75 million euros. "All planned activities are at cruising speed. The NIMSB Statutes have already been approved and published in the Diário da República. This document is the first big step towards making NIMSB a centre of excellence in precision medicine," said Ana Tavares, head of the NIMSB Project Management Office.