pixel Miguel de Castro Neto | Dean of NOVA Information Management School | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Miguel de Castro Neto | Dean of NOVA Information Management School

In the era of the knowledge economy, data is the new frontier of progress, driving innovation and efficiency in organisations, as well as being the driving force behind economic development and the progress of societies.

Founded in 1990 as the Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management and with data in its DNA, NOVA IMS has been able to follow and shape its teaching to the pace of development of this discipline, which has witnessed remarkable advances in the last decade, particularly with the rise of technologies related to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Faced with growing demand, NOVA IMS has responded with a significant increase of 300% in the number of admissions since 2013 and has significantly expanded its training offer in the face of new qualification and skills re-qualification needs. Today, we offer a wide range of programmes that reflect the breadth of the discipline and the demands of the market, including undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and executive training, covering fields as diverse as data science, business intelligence, finance and insurance, geoinformatics, health, data-driven marketing or information systems.

Faced with the challenges of globalisation, digitalisation and the climate emergency, NOVA IMS today reflects global diversity, with students of 100 nationalities and English as the language of instruction. We maintain an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, reflected in international recognition through the Eduniversal rankings, with seven of our Masters and Postgraduate programmes among the best in the world, including two global leaders, and numerous international accreditations and partnerships.

Nothing, however, illustrates our credibility better than the full employment of all our students within a month of graduation. Yesterday's challenges remain today's challenges, especially in a field of knowledge that is constantly evolving and growing. In line with our motto "Data with Purpose", we renew our usual commitment, with an increased ambition - the construction of new smart, sustainable and social facilities - to continue to shape our common future and meet the challenges that lie within it.