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NOVA hosts the debate "Science and Innovation - Building Portugal's Future".

The event, promoted by a wide range of academics and businessmen and the newspaper Público, will be attended by representatives of the various political parties with seats in parliament and will take place on 29 February at 11 am in the auditorium of the NOVA. 

We all agree on the importance of science and of an economic and social model based on knowledge. We know that the most developed countries have stable and robust scientific systems, with long-term policies independent of governing parties, with clear economic and social benefits. Therefore, for Portugal to be competitive in the global context, and for national science and innovation to have a real impact on the economy and society, it is necessary to go further and fulfil the promise of substantial and regular funding.

This is the main issue that has led a group of scientists and businessmen to launch a manifesto, of which Isabel Rocha, the NOVA vice-rector in charge of research and innovation, is one of the first signatories. This is the motto that will bring the parties with parliamentary seats to the auditorium of the Rectory of the NOVA University Lisbon next Thursday, the 29th at 11 am, to discuss their respective programmes for science and innovation.

The occasion will also be used to launch the document that proposes a commitment by the government to science and innovation and an extended ten-year agreement involving the most diverse sectors - from central and regional governments, political parties, industry, the academic and research sector, the financial sector and civil society.

Join the debate, which will include representatives of political parties with parliamentary seats, scientists, and businessmen, and will be moderated by journalist Teresa Firmino of the newspaper Público.