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2nd Edition of The Health Parliament - applications from September 16th to October 31st 2019

2nd Edition of the Health Parliament, an initiative of NOVA, Janssen Portugal, the newspaper Expresso and Microsoft in which is recreated a parliament dedicated exclusively to health. 

After the success of the first edition, NOVA, Janssen Portugal, the pharmaceutical company of the Johnson Group & Johnson, the Expresso and Microsoft, are rejoined to recreate the only Parliament 100% devoted to health.

The Health Parliament will select 60 parliamentarians between 21 and 40 years to discuss and present recommendations to improve the functioning of the health system.

The themes for this edition are: Innovation and Value in Health, Oncology, Human Resources in Health, Mental Health, Sustainability and Equity, Technology and Integration of Care.

Providing mentoring to participants will be a consultative Council of Excellence composed of members of the Assembly of the Republic, former government members, leaders of public health bodies and leaders of the private or social sector.


The applications took off on September 16th and are open until the 31st of October.

To apply, interested parties must submit the required requirements at www.healthparliament.pt

The launch of the initiative took place yesterday, September 16, at the NOVA University of Lisbon, during the closing ceremony and the delivery of diplomas to the participants of the 1st edition of the Health Parliament Portugal.


About Partners


Janssen, the pharmaceutical company of the Johnson & Johnson Group, is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical research companies, being present on all continents. In Portugal, it has a team consisting of more than a hundred people who contribute to improve the health of patients and create economic value for the country. Its mission is to develop sustainable and integrated solutions for healthcare, through work with patients, physicians and other stakeholders.


American multinational founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. It develops, manufactures and sells software and hardware used worldwide, being the leader in its industry and one of the most valuable companies in the world. Microsoft has installed its subsidiary in Portugal in 1990 with a professional and dynamic team, which aims to promote the Portuguese software industry. Microsoft's operational model is sustained in a network of about 3300 partners, many of whom develop their own solutions, provide services or resell our products to the market. This economically enriching model makes Microsoft one of the great job generators in Portugal.


It is the largest Portuguese reference newspaper, with more than half a million readers, distributed on Saturdays since 1973. He leads the current information and analysis in areas such as politics, economics, society and culture, also giving great attention to the plural opinion of several commentators, as well as to the international news and sports. The weekly also has a strong presence in the digital and television.



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