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Message of the Rector for NOVA Community - 9 april

João Sàágua

Dear members of NOVA community,

In this season, in which we have become used to taking a pause from our activities due to the school break, I would like to address you a few words, particularly now that we are living in a period that put us to the test constantly, as people and as members of our Community.

The need for a retreat to protect our health, the safety of those closest to us and, in general, of our fellow citizens, has been the priority for us all. And NOVA has placed, since the beginning, a great emphasis and a huge effort on the creation and promotion of these conditions for all its members.

But, at the same time, we started out an ambitious project: the commitment of not stopping any of the essential activities, adapting them quickly and effectively to the new reality, overcoming the challenges that circumstances imposed on us. We immediately identified the critical areas, in teaching, in research - here with special attention to our laboratories that can contribute to fight COVID -, in the connection with society and in university administration, and we kept our university residences and canteens open for all of those who need them.

The bottom line is that NOVA is working, in an unusual way, but with the same quality as always. We have all been contributing to this, and that is something we should all be proud of! Now we must continue to persist and to adapt when necessary. And I am sure that we will, by winning this academic year in all aspects that truly matter. This is our next challenge.

I conclude by addressing you institutionally and personally.

Institutionally, it is my grateful duty to thank everyone, teachers, researchers and staff, who have unconditionally committed to keep NOVA up and running. And I address a very special word of gratitude to the students, who are the reason for our existence and who have adapted extraordinarily to all these unexpected changes.

Personally, I would like to send everyone a warm hug.

Happy Easter to you and to your loved ones.

João Sàágua