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Support a student with your IRS

In a straightforward, cost-free way, you can contribute to the promotion of equal opportunities in access to higher education.

Your IRS can help students who are struggling financially to continue their studies. It is very simple and has no cost for you, but it can make a difference in the life of a student. 

Join NOVA in contributing to an equitable access to higher education and promoting the equality of opportunities.


When filling your IRS statement (from April 1st to June 30th), select Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NIF 501 559 094) as beneficiary entity - in the Automatic IRS, in the area “Pré Liquidação” or in the income statement Model 3 (Cover), in box 11, field 1103.

What are the implications?

For you, this consignment has no costs, does not entail any additional tax payment, nor does it affect the amount that will be returned to you by the State, if that is the case.


The amount consigned to Universidade NOVA de Lisboa will be used to reinforce the Fund for Bolsas de Acesso aos Ciclos de Estudo. These scholarships aim to encourage and financially support the attraction of talent of NOVA students, in accordance with the purposes of inclusion and universality pursued by the University as well as with its commitment to promote an effective use of the resources available for this purpose.