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World's top includes 32 NOVA researchers according to Stanford study

32 researchers at NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA) have their name on the lists of the most cited worldwide in different disciplines, falling within the top 2% in their respective fields. The study, developed by the American University of Stanford, was released in late 2020 in the journal Public Library of Science Biology. The article was entitled “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators”.

Coordinated by John Ioannidis, a professor at Stanford University, the study identified 160,000 researchers from 149 countries in 22 scientific areas and 176 disciplines. The study resulted in two lists based on different categories: impact throughout the career (with data updated until the end of 2019) and impact in a single year, in this case 2019. The ranking was supported by Scopus, an online and international database of cientific articles and citations, in various types, for academic newspapers and magazines.

The study was based on more accurate standardized citation metrics in order to combat abuse of self-citation. The number of citations allowed to assess the impact and consolidated influence of a given scientist or institution in the progress of scientific knowledge. The selection derived from an exhaustive analysis of data between the mid-90s to 2019.

NOVA researchers highlighted by the Stanford study have been developing their research in different fields, namely: Science and Technology; Medical Sciences; Chemical and Biological Technology; Statistics and Information Management and Tropical Medicine.

The list of NOVA researchers highlighted by Stanford includes the following names: L.P.N. Rebelo (FCT NOVA), Elvira Fortunato (FCT NOVA), Luís M. Camarinha-Matos (FCT NOVA), Rodrigo Martins (FCT NOVA), Maria João Romão (FCT NOVA), Fernando Pina (FCT NOVA), Manuel D. Ortigueira (FCT NOVA), José L. Capelo (FCT NOVA), Marcos Raydan (FCT NOVA), J. P. Sampaio (FCT NOVA), Maria A.M. Reis (FCT NOVA), Fernando Cebola Lidon (FCT NOVA), Pedro Viana Baptista (FCT NOVA), Ricardo Vigário (FCT NOVA), Rita A. Ribeiro (FCT NOVA), João G. Crespo (FCT NOVA), José P.B. Mota (FCT NOVA), João C. Diniz da Costa (FCT NOVA), João Aires-de-Sousa (FCT NOVA), Luís Caires (FCT NOVA), Luís Moniz Pereira (FCT NOVA), Rodrigo Gonçalves (FCT NOVA), Miguel C. Seabra (NMS), Douglas W. McKee (FCT NOVA), Anne Mieke Vandamme (IHMT), Hermínia de Lencastre (ITQB NOVA), Winchil Vaz (NMS), Pedro Póvoa (NMS), David Leslie Turner (ITQB NOVA), Carlos C. Romão (ITQB NOVA), Leonardo Vanneschi (NOVA IMS) and Manuela Chaves (ITQB NOVA).