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NOVA schools promote Open Days

NOVA University Lisbon makes its academic offer available - from undergraduate degrees to master's degrees - to all interested parties, through different actions. In a period marked by the pandemic of COVID-19, the 2021 edition of Open Days will focus on the use of videoconferencing platforms. The information provided here does not dispense searching for information on the websites of the schools.

NOVA School of Science and Technology

Between March 8 and 12, the NOVA School of Science and Technology will hold the first phase of the Open Days, in order to present its Masters courses. The presentation will be made through the Zoom videoconference platform. Initiative allows interested parties to speak directly with course coordinators and learn about the 2nd cycle educational offer made available by the School in detail. The various sessions will present the courses and clarify the study plans, teaching methods, assessment and access conditions.

Other FCT Open Day dates:


EXPO is an annual and face-to-face event presenting the Faculty and its Educational Offer, which aims to facilitate the choice of higher education by young pre-university students, through demonstrations / activities. Visit the website

Open Days - Masters from 12 to 14 May (2nd phase 2021)

In this digital event, through the Zoom videoconference platform, the School presents its Masters courses with sessions to present the courses and clarify the study plans, teaching methods, assessment and access conditions.

Registration here.

Virtual Fair - 24 to 28 May
Online event where course coordinators, teachers, students and researchers will be available to share their experience and make known our Bachelors and Integrated Masters in detail. Registrations here

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH)

Open Day Undergraduate Programs - April 30

More information and registration here.

Open Day Masters, Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs - May 14

NOVA School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)

The Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) will hold a Nova SBE Open Day so that high school students wishing to take a degree in economics or management can obtain more information and discover, for a day, what it is like to be a student of New SBE. Due to the current pandemic, Nova SBE reserves the right to define, at an earlier date, whether or not Nova SBE Open Days will take place on campus.

Open Day 2 - March 30

Open Day 3 - April 22

Open Day 4 - May 31

Registration here.

NOVA School of Law

Open Day Masters - April 21

Open Day Degree - May 26

Registration: eventos@novalaw.unl.pt


The Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from NOVA University Lisbon (IHMT-NOVA) will hold the Open Day 2021 event in virtual mode, using a series of videos that show what is done in this institute that brings together scientists, professors and doctors to work towards the common goal of scientific progress and to train future professionals.

Open Day - May 28

Throughout this day, different webinars will be held on topics such as Hygiene and Parasites, COVID-19: Infection and vaccination, Migrant Health and COVID-19, Sexually Transmitted Infections, among others.

More information here.


Open Day Masters - April 15

The Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology António Xavier ITQB NOVA) will hold an online session to share information and answer questions about its master's degrees. The session will feature former students who will share their experiences at ITQB NOVA.

Registration here.

Open Day - May 30

On May 30, the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology António Xavier at the NOVA University Lisbon (ITQB NOVA) opens virtually its doors, from 10 am to 5 pm, for a day full of activities for all ages.

In an interactive online session, the ITQB NOVA Open Day  will combine virtual visits to spaces that have never been open to the public with the latest news from the work carried out by the Institute's researchers in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and find solutions that improve people's lives.

It will also be possible to visit an exhibition in a 3D environment and chat in individual rooms with researchers.

Anyone who wants to know more about ITQB NOVA courses has a dedicated area, where they can discuss any queries with current and former students.

The little ones were also not forgotten: there will be activities for them to do at home and they will be able to attend the traditional Spectacular Science session with researcher Carlos Romão.

To close the day, several science quizzes will be available, with prizes for audiences of all ages.

The ITQB NOVA Open Day is organized every two years by the institute's researchers. It is a unique opportunity to discover the institution from the inside, learn a little more about a scientific career and understand the science behind the different moments of our lives.  

More information and registration here.

NOVA Medical School

NOVA MEdical School (NMS) is organizing the Virtual Open Day so that all interested can learn more about the college.

Knowing the spaces, professors, students and researchers and knowing more about the Integrated Master in Medicine and the Degree in Nutrition Sciences is the challenge launched by NMS for the 20th of May.

Interested parties will also be able to ask questions in real time in the “chat” that will be available from 9 am to 5 pm.

Information available via email: openday@nms.unl.pt

Register here.


NOVA IMS  organizes its Virtual Open Day: Undergraduate Programmes at NOVA IMS on 28 May at 3 p.m. Candidates can participate in a session with atudents, alumni and student union members.

Information and registrations here.