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European consortium led by IHMT-NOVA selected for EU funding

Project to reduce vaccine hesitancy led by researcher Tiago Correia - one of the speakers at the 6th NOVA HEALTH Conference on the challenges of vaccination throughout life   

The project "VAX-ACTION: tackling vaccine hesitancy effectively in Europe", by the European consortium led by Global Health and Tropical Medicine (GHTM) - a research unit at the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of NOVA (IHMT NOVA), has been selected for co-funding by the European Union through the EU4 Health Programme. 

Vaccine hesitancy, reflected in lower-than-expected vaccination coverage in several European countries, is an issue of global academic and political concern. 

In this sense, EU4H funding is a natural step to try to put into practice academic knowledge on ways to increase confidence in vaccines and in the health institutions responsible for administering them. 

Tiago Correia, researcher at the IHMT and coordinator of the consortium, believes that the European project aims to "respond to the need to understand what types of interventions are currently available". 

That is, to better understand which are the most effective, but also how to adapt them to new contexts, and even to identify interventions that have been unsuccessful, in order to create opportunities for learning and reformulation, added one of the speakers at the 6th Health Conference - Chronic Disease and Infection – Challenges of lifelong vaccination next Friday, 20th October. 

Further information on the IHMT NOVA website