pixel Helena Canhão | Dean of NOVA Medical School | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Helena Canhão | Dean of NOVA Medical School

The world is constantly evolving and science is advancing at an unprecedented rate. It is therefore imperative to adapt educational and pedagogical methods in order to train professionals who are prepared for the challenges of the future. This future bears little resemblance to the past 20 or even 10 years. We are therefore constantly challenged to keep our curricula up to date and to invest in technology, artificial intelligence, new tools and a new campus. We respond with high-quality education that is always up-to-date and innovative. It is our duty as a medical school to provide students with the tools to stay at the forefront from the first day of their careers to the last.

In addition to excellent education, scientific research is one of the pillars of our institution. NOVA Medical School is not limited to the transmission of knowledge; it is also a cradle of innovation, discovery and knowledge generation. Through excellent research projects, international collaborations and publications in high-impact journals, we actively contribute to the advancement of medicine and science. Our students and faculty are involved in projects ranging from the study of chronic diseases to the development of new therapies and medical technologies. This commitment to research not only enriches the educational experience but also creates tangible value for society by driving improvements in individual health, public health and well-being.

The future is challenging, so it is vital to prepare students for this new world by developing skills, critical thinking and innovation. It is necessary to produce professionals who are able to deal with complex situations and find innovative solutions to the health challenges they face. But no matter how technological the future, clinicians must never forget the human factor.

Multidisciplinarity and the relationship between different health professionals and professions are also fundamental pillars of our school. Since 2018, NOVA Medical School has graduated not only doctors but also nutritionists. And it promotes lifelong learning for all health professionals. This integration enables doctors, for example, to gain a deep understanding of the impact of nutrition on health, while nutritionists build a solid link to the field of medicine.

Value creation goes beyond research and education. Our school is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer to the healthcare sector. We encourage our students to develop innovative projects that can be translated into products or services that benefit the community. Through partnerships with industry and the promotion of business incubators, NOVA Medical School is a catalyst in the creation of economic and social value, reinforcing its role as a leading institution in education, research and health.

As with everything, the future forces us to reflect on where we have been and focus on where we want to go. And at NOVA Medical School, we know where we want to go. With an ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, research and value creation, we are educating current and future professionals who will contribute to a healthier and more prosperous society.