pixel Margarida Lima Rego | Dean of NOVA School of Law | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Margarida Lima Rego | Dean of NOVA School of Law

Every day, reality tests the limits of traditional ways of regulating life in society. Responses to new challenges require, as never before, an attitude of openness to the outside world, in a triple dimension (i) geographic, internationalization, with increasingly active participation in global dialogue; (ii) multidisciplinary, where it is essential to establish a dialogue between law and other areas of knowledge, learning to work in teams made up of elements with diverse basic training; and (iii) finally, openness to civil society, understanding that the law is more effective the greater its accessibility to most people.

If there are tasks that a machine can perform much better than us, there are others in which it not only does not replace us but, if we master them, it can transform us into an improved version of who we are, jurists 2.0. Legal knowledge is no less necessary today, but it must be combined with the ability to read between the lines, to understand the context, to identify nuances, to make use of qualities that are not strictly rational, such as intuition and empathy, to allow us to deal with the complexity of the real world in what is truly required of legal professions, which is know-how, more than pure knowledge: the ability to solve life's problems.

At NOVA School of Law, we seek to develop the skills in which the human mind stands out most, training professionals with critical thinking and the ability to effectively solve problems, making use of all the benefits that new technologies can bring, but at the same time being aware that technology is an aid and never a substitute for human reasoning.