pixel NOVA attends the EDLab meeting on the design of the European Degree Label Template  | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

NOVA attends the EDLab meeting on the design of the European Degree Label Template 

The meeting took place in Lyon and brought together 19 representatives of the 4 alliances of European universities involved in the project: Arqus, Enlight, SEA-EU and EUTOPIA, the alliance of which NOVA is a member. 

The participants in the European Degree Label Institutional Laboratory (EDLab) project, which aims to assess the need for the implementation of joint degrees at the European level, met again, this time in the French city of Lyon, to discuss topics such as the mapping and classification of joint programmes, the design and model for the joint degree label and digital certificates for joint courses. NOVA University Lisbon was represented by Vice-Rector Isabel Nunes, who is in charge of quality and coordinates the project at NOVA.

The results of the various meetings will be crucial in designing a model for the creation of a European certificate - the European Degree Label. 

So far, the EDLab project has organised 2 meetings on this topic: the first with an introductory approach to the European policy context for the European Degree Label experiment, and the second more focused on current national scenarios and challenges in the accreditation of joint programmes. 

Both are available on the project's Youtube channel

The EDLab "European Degree Label Institutional Laboratory" project, which was launched in Brussels on 7 March, is one of six actions approved by the European Commission in January this year with a budget of 200,000 euros for one year to analyse and test the specific needs for the implementation of joint European degrees and the European Degree Label. 

The latter is an initiative approved by the European Commission to facilitate the issuing of joint diplomas, degrees and certificates throughout the European Higher Education Area, to overcome existing barriers to transnational cooperation and to disseminate universal criteria linked to the corresponding joint programmes. 

Coordinated by the University of Granada, EDLab brings together 13 universities from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Belgium, representing four European university alliances - Arqus, ENLIGHT, EUTOPIA and SEA-EU. It also has an extensive network of associated partners, 35 in total, including national ministries and quality assurance agencies, European and global university networks, student and alumni associations, and other partner universities of the four alliances.