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NOVA's New DNA: a prize to foster innovation and recognise good practices. Applications open!

The Acting Differently at NOVA Award aims to stimulate innovation at the University of Nova de Lisboa and to recognize good practices. 


It is already known as the DNA Award, an acronym that, in this case, refers to Acting Different at NOVA, and is launched with the aim of spreading innovative practices at NOVA and contributing to the development of a culture of organizational innovation.    

"It is very important that universities also stimulate organisational innovation. This is something that has been in NOVA's DNA since the very first moment and presents throughout these five decades. But 2023 is the start year of a reinforced agenda of betting on Organisational Innovation, which includes a wide range of initiatives, open to the collaboration and participation of all members of the NOVA community", emphasises Vice-Rector Pedro Saraiva, who is responsible for the area of Organisational Innovation and Digital Transformation. 

Monthly webinars on the theme and an annual gala are also planned, during which the awards will be given.    

Projects developed as a team by employees of NOVA University of Lisbon may apply (some external members of NOVA may also apply, developing their activities in an entity that is part of NOVA).  

Applications may fall into two categories: new products, services or solutions and new processes, approaches, procedures or forms of organization - and may focus on the most diverse areas of work, from Social Action and Innovation to Digital Transformation.  

Up to three cash prizes of up to €2,500 may be awarded to the most outstanding projects overall in each edition of the DNA award. Honourable Mentions may also be awarded to recognise Organisational Innovation projects in the different categories and areas mentioned.  All selected applications will receive a Participation Diploma.    

Applications must be s will take place annually in NOVA's Gala of Organizational Innovation, to be held, whenever possible, on April 21st of each year (World Creativity and Innovation Day).  

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