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Rector's Logic – November  The 'embrace' of NOVA's fundamental values 

On the 31st of October, NOVA University Lisbon welcomed a notable new member to its community, with the award of a Doctorate Honoris Causa to the singer, composer, writer, former Brazilian Minister of Culture and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Gilberto Gil. 

The award of an Honoris Causa Doctorate, the highest academic honour granted to individuals who have made a notable contribution to society, is also a symbolic way of reinforcing the values of the University that the person represents, creating an opportunity to recognise and celebrate these contributions. 

With this award, NOVA has recognised not only Gilberto Gil's contribution to world culture and, in particular, to the Portuguese language but also the example of citizenship and commitment to the defence of freedom, diversity and democracy, values that this University sees itself as upholding and which, through this honour, it wishes to promote publicly in society, inspiring all its members to follow these values in their own lives and actions. And he did so at a mainly symbolic moment: the year in which NOVA celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, which is an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate the values of our university. 

The awarding of the Doctor Honoris Causa to Gilberto Gil also served as a prelude to the celebration of Diversity and Inclusion Month at NOVA, which will take place throughout November and in which several initiatives related to these themes will be developed throughout the University, culminating in the official celebration of NOVA's 50th anniversary at the end of the month. 

This year's NOVA Day will be an opportunity to pay tribute to past achievements, celebrate present successes, and above all reflect and look to the future in the light of the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Preparing for the future will inevitably involve adaptability as a transversal principle that permeates all areas of the University's mission - teaching, research and innovation - because as society and the world continue to evolve, we must be able to adapt and embrace change without losing sight of the values that define us as members of the NOVA community. 

Long live NOVA and here's to the next fifty years!