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A year of celebration - 50 years of NOVA

Once upon a time, in 1973, a new university was born in Lisbon to be open and accessible to all, in an innovative way - NOVA. Now that it is celebrating its 50th anniversary, what we want is to continue to be young and creative in the way we teach, research and create value for society, leaving an indelible mark for future generations.

2023 will be a year of celebration with a varied program of activities:


(in update)



Bases Project

In partnership with MNAC and the University of Porto, the project consists of exhibiting works of art - vertical galleries - on NOVA campuses promoting an art circuit.

Urban Art at NOVA

In partnership with the Urban Art Gallery and the Lisbon City Council, a work of urban art will be created by young artists from the NOVA OU's, through a program of artistic residencies. This project is part of the MURO Festival programme.



February 15th

Universities as Agents of Change for Gender Equality | Rectory

The conference, organized within the scope of SPEAR, brings together speakers representing different universities participating in projects funded by the European Commission within the scope of promoting Gender Equality. (+ info)


February 27th - March 31st

The Great Evils and the Great Remedies, NMS Old Print Book | Organization: NMS

The exhibition features a collection of 352 works, mostly donated by private individuals, the oldest being from the 17th century. Medicine is the main theme, but the publications also address topics such as Anatomy, Botany or Zoology. (+ info)

March 15th, 6:00 pm | Presentation by Professor Pedro Soares Branco on the History of the medical book (Location: NMS Library)



March 1st and 23rd

Seminar series "Artificial intelligence and chatGPT: What challenges for teaching, economics, health?" | Organization: Nova SBE and NMS

In this series of seminars, the challenges of artificial intelligence in programs such as chatGPT and the impact on teaching, economics and health will be discussed.

March 1, 17:00-18:30 | Seminar 1: AI and its impact on higher education and the economy (Location: Nova SBE, Carcavelos)

March 23, 17:00-18:30 | Seminar 2: AI and its impact on health and wellbeing (Location: NMS, Lisbon)


March 16th and 17th

Data with Purpose Summit: Let's talk about data? | Organization: NOVA IMS

Lectures and interactive sessions with industry-leading data-driven decision-making experts. (Location: Rectory)



April 17th and 18th

AI Robotics in Healthcare: A Challenge for Law and Tech? | Organization: NOVA School of Law

This conference will address topics related to the use of robotics based on artificial intelligence in the field of health, including data protection, robotics, digital governance, medical deontology, intellectual property rights (+ info). (Location: NOVA School of Law)


April 21st

Organizational Innovation Gala | Organization: Rectory

In this gala that marks the World Day of Creativity and Innovation, the ADN - Act Different at NOVA awards will be announced and handed over. (Location: to be announced)


April 20th and 21st

National Congress of Tropical Medicine | Organization: IHMT NOVA

The 6th National Congress of Tropical Medicine will debate issues related to Tropical Medicine and Sustainable Development. On the 18th and 19th of April, there are also pre-congress activities (+ info). (Location: IHMT NOVA)



May 13th


The institute opens its doors to the community in an exhibition of research projects.


Oeiras hosts NOVA's 50th anniversary | Organization: ITQB NOVA

The event consists of an activity developed within the scope of the Open Science to Oeiras program with students from the municipality, which aims to make known various organic units of NOVA, its courses and research projects. (Location: Temple of Poetry)


Lisbon-Almada in the 22nd century: FCTense utopias | Organization: FCT NOVA

Exhibition that will compare the Portuguese utopias of the 20th century about the city of Lisbon in the year 2000 with the visions of the 21st century about the reality of the Lisbon-Almada territory in the 22nd century. The departments will be challenged to come up with solutions to issues of mobility, pollution, ways of working and consumption. (Location: Exhibition at the FCT NOVA Library and opening debate at the Rectory)



Power to Students: activism at NOVA | Organization: FCT NOVA and NOVA FCSH

Exhibition on publications by FCT and FCSH students that reflect the perspective of intervention and activism, which has always been part of the identity of the two faculties. During the exhibition, a debate can be held in collaboration with the Student Associations of the two faculties. (Location:



Jazz Festival | Organization: Rectory

For five days, a festival will take place in Campolide with the best jazz productions from the Portuguese avant-garde and with an international program and promotion, which will be curated and produced by Clean Feed Records.


June 19th to 23rd

EUTOPIA Week | Organization: Rectory

As part of the EUTOPIA week, which will take place this year at NOVA, a meeting is held between the Rectors of Portuguese Universities to reflect on the future of the University in Europe.



NOVA in the City | Organization: Rectory

The Future of Knowledge

Exhibition of illustrations on the future of knowledge in the light of sustainability

Lisbon-Carcavelos Arts Train

Artistic intervention in three carriages of the train on the Cascais line, which connects several NOVA campuses, with the vinylization of the work of an artist carried out under the curatorship of the Urban Art Gallery.


September 22

Workshop on Teaching Medicine | Organization: NMS, IHMT NOVA, ENSP NOVA

(Location: Rectory)



October 2nd

The Future of Public Health: Innovation, Digital Transformation and Sustainability | Organization: ENSP NOVA



November 2 to the end of December

The Foundation of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa | Organization: NOVA FCSH

Screening of the documentary “O Filme: NOVA, 50 anos de Inovação” which spans the years between 1973 and 1977, interspersing the history of the creation of the university with the history of the country. There will also be an exhibition of multimedia materials and photography (by António Júlio Duarte) on the memory of the university and its contemporaneity. (Location: Atrium of the Rectory)


NOVA Day | Organization: Rectory