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Cycle Brazil at NOVA - A tribute to Gilberto Gil

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the NOVA University of Lisbon awards Gilberto Gil the title of Doctor Honoris Causa for his invaluable contribution to culture and citizenship.

In the days leading up to and following the ceremony, scheduled for 31st of October, the Culture Department of NOVA proposes the cycle Brasil at NOVA - in honour of Gilberto Gil, a series of concerts and initiatives designed to echo Gil's work and reflect on it and its repercussions from the University as a space for interrogation.  

Starting on the 22nd of October with the concert "Ventos do Brasil e de Portugal", the first date of a cycle of Portuguese-Brazilian repertoire resulting from a collaboration between the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, the Centre for Studies in Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM) of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and the Brazilian Embassy, which will present an unprecedented arrangement commissioned for the occasion. The "Brasil na NOVA" series will continue on the 2nd of November, with an unprecedented concert by Júlio Resende and António Zambujo entitled "Língua", in which the two artists will present a musical journey through the Portuguese and Brazilian languages and cultures.  

On November 3rd, the musician, teacher and composer José Miguel Wisnik will present a show-class entitled "A Terceira Margem do Rio - Brazilian Poetry and Song", a commented concert (voice and piano) on the literary imbrications of Brazilian popular songs. To conclude this tribute, on November 9th, we presente the second concert by the Metropolitn Soloists, entitled "Trompetes do Brasil". 



Programme: Cycle "Brasil na NOVA" - in honour of Gilberto Gil 

22nd October, 5pm: "Winds of Brazil and Portugal", Metropolitana Soloists 

2nd November, 9:30 pm: "Língua", concert by Júlio Resende and António Zambujo 

3rd November, 9:30 pm : Show-class "A Terceira Margem do Rio - Poetry and Brazilian Song", by José Miguel Wisnik 

9 November, 7pm : "Trompetes do Brasil" concert, Metropolitana Soloists 


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